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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I would like to point out before telling this story, that I did get mans consent to write about our adventure, providing that I don't describe him in a way that would give his identity away as kinks should be kept between fuck buddies, therefore I will refer to him as the wanderer. He is gorgeous of smoking hot perportions, dynamite in bed and has one of the nicest asses i've ever seen. The last time we saw each other he refused to fuck me straight away leaving me stewing in my own juices so too speak for hours, admittedly i'm a huge fan of being teased and left simmering oooooh orgasm denial ummm. So by the time our clothes were strewn all over my room, I thought that when I slid down onto his rock hard dick that I would come the instant he touched my G spot. You see sex with the wanderer is pretty explosive i'm surprised the neighbours havn't come round and told him to eiither gag me or sugggest that I invest in some form of sound proofing, apart from being great in bed he's also adventurous in bed hooray for me!

Alot of men are very nervo?us about approaching the subbject which i'm about to talk about, I find it quite sweet yet unnecessary their nerves that is as i'm very open minded and unfazed by most kinks. And plus I find it a total turn on. We both got to fullfill one of our ultimate fantasies on his last visit, not only is his ass strokable its also very very fuckable...thats right ladies and gents I had the utmost pleasure of fucking a gorgeous man in the ass with a strap on. When it arrived it was hard to tell who was more excited, sorry sweetcheeks but it was so me ;-) so with a generous amount of lube and I deviant smile slowly fucked him.
It was horny as fuck and have never seen anyone quite so turned on. I mean sure I wasn't in full Dom regalia corset and heels etc, throwing terms such as ''whos my dirty bitch'' ummm maybe next time ey sweetcheeks? I feel that adding the kink factor would've been too intense being that it was a first time for both of us and perhaps a bit of a head fuck for him. Ummm maybe next time ey sweetcheeks. I wouldn't change a thing about that experience it was hot as hell and amazing. I also realised that guys have the short end of the stick so to speak because it is hard as fuck to navigate in and out of a hole whilst maintaining rythm us ladies have it is sliding up and down and a bit of thrusting etc piece of cake in comparrison hahaha.

Now as much as I love giving anal, i've never has a strong desire to be on the recieving end as far as i've gone is a finger and being rimmed but that experience is sitting on a shelf at the back of mind labled never do again. It does nothing for me in fact I can't understand a guys fascination with giving it its not really that taboo personally I think a guy wanting to recieve it is far more taboo and far more erotic than the former. And besides lads a ladies G spot is in her vajazzle not in her backside. I'm a huge fan of guys that want to recieve it...well i've always been a giver. Sweetcheeks i'll keep the strap on handy.

All of this sex talk is making me think about a guy i'll call Sin he was cool to chill out with and I have never been more turned on, whilst being fully clothed and not having sex...the mans got the kind of touch and lips that scorched a path of deliscious fire to my undies. Alas totally unobtainable.

And with that being the end note I need to go and get ready for work.

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