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Monday, 7 February 2011

Fuck buddies

So Valentines day is rapidly approaching everything red and heart shaped is filling card windows and those annoying M & S adverts are on loop and the fact that we are single is being rubbed in our faces, no donning our red lipstick, saucy lingerie, add those heels that are worship worthy for us right? Wrong ladies do it for yourselves, or add a fuck buddy into the equations he'll appreciate the hell out of the fact you look like a glamorous 50s pin up. Being single can and should be fun, i'm not talking aboutt a string or drunken one night stands, i'm not a slut (although my best friend and I did our man math and my numbers would suggest otherwise lol). However i am pro no strings sex (condoms are an absolute must of course). I find it quite easy to seperate my feeling's from sex, the key I find to making it work is this, be HONEST. Set the boundaries. I like to meet up with a guy for a coffee or something first afterall if the chemistry is less brilliant what on earth are you going to talk about in between bouts of animalistic break furniture sex? Guys ar'nt like us they need time to recharge, Then I lay it down straight i'm not looking for anything serious etc apparently this is a huge faux pas the amount of orgasms i've had this past year say's otherwise. Also I don't cuddle sex, mainly because i'm a clicche and like to smoke afterward, but its also because when we (both dudes and ladies) orgasm oxytocin aka the cuddle/bonding/attachment hormone is released. So I don't cuddle afterwards, Rule number 2 of the fuck buddy handbook Don't get attached someone will end up getting hurt and it might not be you. You might be thinking that I sound quite cold clinical even when it comes to sex on the contrary i'm as passionate and sensual as they come I once fucked a guy who i'll call skater boy so hard and dislocated his knee and before hobbling off to the hospital on my old crutches he still carried on, but truth be told not cuddling after sex is just sensible. I don't want to get attached for reasons i'll divulge in my next blog, I do however want hot, throw me round the bedroom and fuck me to orgasmic oblivion sex with a nice chap preferably with a starter of kink thrown in for good measure too.

My ideal fuck buddy is like the two I have now The Wanderer and Colchester, A smoking hot friend that I can have steamy sex with safe in the knowledge that sex will not fuck everything up.

Things i'm liking right now
Red lipstick(brings out the glamourous side in me)
Belle Dejours books
My new hair cut
That i'm making some awesome new friends

Things i'm not liking right now
The way I treated Irish on saturday night
The article I read about Suicide whisperers (check out this months Glamour magazine just a heads up it will chill you to the bone and make you feel sick)
Winter either snow or piss off already, bring on the summer
Women the make sneering snide comments behind you instead of grabbing hold of their ovaries and saying it to my face.

Have fun ladies i'm off for a walk along the beach.

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