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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Get your undies out

So how was everyones february 14th? Regardless of whether or not you're coupled up or single I hope you had a good one. Instead of travelling to London and trying to get to Chelsea via cancelled tubes in the rain for work like last year mine was very relaxed, I chilled with friends, watched a film and got some action too, I won't say who with as nice girls don't fuck and tell, I will however say this he is super hot and it was great. So all in all a very good valentines.
I got to thinking last night about underwear. The majority of mine is plain bra's and comfy knickers who wants a thong grating their bum crack when they're just off to the shop for a litre of milk not me for sure. Also in general when I bloke gives me his number, when I pull, or the spontaneous pop round and hang out visits i'm usually wearing the comfy pants whether its my super awesome Wonder woman(although Sheerah is way cooler) Y fronts or the little Topshop stripey numbers, those appear to be what i'm wearing when I get lucky. It also occured to me that I never seem to get the top draw stuff out when I have a fuck buddy visiting which baffles me to no end for two reasons the first being this, sex is a sensual thing and after the initial hook up and frantic get naked and fuck, its about exploring and lots of foreplay I love dressing up and think its a vital part. The second reason is that I love seeing a guys reaction too it, the look on his face as I peel off my clothes to reveal stockings and suspender's etc and the obvious stiffening in his pants.
I can think of one guy in particular that i'd really like to dress up for as I have a feeling he'd appreciate the hell out of it, and I mean the cream of the crop not my La senza set(which is super dreamy)

See i've never been one for spending an obscene amount of dollar on bra's and pants corsets and heels is what I go all out on. Hands up those of you who can recall seeing me in a pair of heels this year, and I don't mean my cute heeled brogues I mean proper heels. Exactly no hands up.
High heels cane my feel alas I love them so, they hurt because I have bad feet and three titanium bolts in one. But mainly its because heels are not meant for walking in were made for the bedroom well at least mine were ahhhh soooo pretty.

Things that i'm loving right now
That my awesome best friend loved the birthday cupcakes I made her.
My new Kreepsville 666 handbag check out
The Runaways song I love playing with fire check out The Runaways film its awesome
That i've seen the first signs of spring, buds on the trees and plant growing in the gutter ourside my house

Things i'm not liking right now

The fact that Olave and Greg arn't here we miss you <3<3<3
That my body no longer understands the concept of a decent nights sleep 6 hours is unacceptable fuck knows why i'm waking up so early.
People that shit stir... Not cool I didnt ask therefore I don't want to know so put down the wooden spoon or stay away from me
That I burnt some of my hair with my straightners and its still a frizzy mess.

On that note lovely people i'll bid you adieu until next time a nap is calling me

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