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Friday, 18 February 2011

Why I prefer to shag my arse off than date, i'm a tiger not a gibbon

People often ask me why I don't date anymore. My reasons well the main reason is perceived as outlandish, alien, and the other reasons are often met with shock duue to hearing it from a woman or a sympathetic nod as in yep i've been there.
So as promised in my first blog i'm going to reveal why I don't date.
I'll start with the core reason.
I don't believe that humans are meant to mate for life, it's that simple, considering we're the most advanced species on the planet we don't half wear blinkers when it comes to our mating/shacking up habits. Society and religion dictates to us from the get go whats expected of us, we're born, we get an education, a good career, we meet someone, get married, and reproduce. This notion is archaic. There's very little evidence to suggest we mate for life, however there is evidence to substantiate my theory...its everywhere, whether in my own life, newspapers, tv, or girly magazines ''so and so's getting divorced, such and such found cheating with prostitute/bestfriends husband etc.

I've done some research on the subject and came across a few juicy facts

Only 3% of the 4,000 species of mamals actually do mate for life and us homo sapiens arn't one of them
Wolves and Gibbons do mate for life
Big cats such as Tigers and Cheetahs don't
45% of marriages end in divorce
In Sweden its a whooping 64%

The secondary reasons why I don't date are as follows
I'm a bonefide commitment phobe, the second it becomes real I start to feel claustrophobic and i'm out of there
I have two choices, The good guy or the bad guy two guesses which type I choose.
I get bored too quickly, I need the passion, explosiive fireworks sex when it starts to dissipate i'm gone.
I don't think i'll ever meet a guy that will make me want to stand still for more than 5 minutes, let alone share my bed with day in and day out.
Only a few guys have made me reconsider dating. Canada boy being the main example

Canada boy and I spoke online for 10 months i'm not talking and hour or so i'm talking 3-7 hours a day. It occured to me and him that chemistry like ours was a very raare thing and something we'd be stupid to ignore, I started to doubt my theories. So 3months in we agreed to meet, I never thought i'd be that girl you know the chick that guys fly half way across the world to meet. It was the worse possible timing for both of us his business was taking off annd I was busy with work and courses. So months after of us agreeing to meet he still hadn't given me a date or booked his ticket so come december I gave him an ultimatum either set a date and book a ticket or I was done. After him finally explaining what the hell had been stopping him we both made the agreement that whoever saved the dollar first would fly out. If i'd found a secondary job i'd have been there in two months. But apparently I wasn't worth the wait. He started dating someone. I mean sure i've spent alot of the last year fucking my arse off but sex is just sex and nothing more but dating is another ball game. Him doing so is him saying I don't want you.
I'm kicking myself for being so foolish to have even entertained the possibilty of dating again. To be fair he did me a favour.
So what I got my fingers burned I always did love playing with fire. I just won't be making the mistake again.

I'll stick with doing what I know great head and fucking my arse off.

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