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Monday, 7 March 2011

To fuck or not to fuck

So hows everyone's week been? Mines been super busy hence me being so slack on writing. Valentine and I were lounging about the other day and he asked me what my type was you know do I like blondes or brunettes prefer brown eyes to blue. When I flick through the mental roladex of honnies i've had the pleasure of dating or hooking up with they're not all cookie cutter identicates that equate to a type, see when it comes to aesthetics eye and hair colouring arn't important to me. Not that i'm not choosey on the contrary I am very much so, it takes someone super special to catch my eye but variety as they say is the spice of life.

There's one thing that is prominant. When I look at my dating history and that is that I generally go for the guys that stand of the crowd wheter its their hair style(dreads, mohawks, shaved head or spikey and surfy) or they have tatts and or piercings. V has alot of ink and everytime I look at him especially mid shag I notice something I hadn't seen before its another plateu to explore when you have them naked I will just point out here most of Vs ink is on his arms but its not why why I like them he's got a real big set of in fact we were stood in my kitchen and he held me up with one arm.

When I was 17 I dated a media student at the uni, he's a stunner *takes a moment to swoon* tall, caramel skin and big doe eyes the colour of espresso, he had the coolest nose piercings, he had a silver horseshoe in his septum and tiny silver hoops on either side, in my opinion its the most attractive piercing on a guy, personally I blame Shane from Boyzone for that and yes you did read that right please feel free to mock lol.
Its a scientific fact that we are more likely choose someone that we have things in common with over those that we don't so when I see a gorgeous bloke if he's got piercings, tattoo's, or is a bit out there inregards to hair and style(punk, metaller, skater's) I think there's a strong possiblity that we'll have common ground.

Because looks aside personality is the most important thing as far as I'm concerned its where I do have a ''type'' regardless of the situation I wamt you know friends with benefits etc. 90% of the guys i've been with are creative mainly when it comes to music but a few have been artists and great with their hands again its about common ground about a connection to form the conversation with inbetween sex. Also I don't do stupid guys, if my mind isn't stimulated chances of them stimulating any part of my anatomy are slim, whether its discussing politics, books, art or psychology or what ever.

My ultimate turn offs

Guys with long nails...ick and ouch at the same time
Skinny dudes(as in my size)
Guys that use sun beds/fake tan/hair straighteners
Guys that expect me to do all the chasing(not going to happen boys unless my efforts are reciprocated after the 2nd time feel free to jog the hell on
Guys that make my stomach go all bunched up (means i'm fucked because I like them in the curious about a date kind of way)

Ultimate turn ons

Masculine men (face fur, chest hair etc)
Shy guys (e.g guys that blush when I talk to them)
Nice hands and arms( i'm an arm girl you know how some guys are 'a leg man' 'bum man' etc)
Funny blokes, make me laugh and offer to make me a cup of tea you're one step away from being golden
Intelligent men
Gorgeous eyes

A quick update, V and I arn't fuck buddies any longer as I found myself getting jealous when he mentioned other ladies(and jealousy is an ugly feeling) its not like i've not got a couple of dudes on the go and its not that I want to date him I think its more attributed to the fact that I am an Alpha female and don't like to share well not in regards to cock hahah although my self restraint went out of the window last night I lasted about an hour before I caved...and it was hot.

Also before I go my best friend and I had a convo earlier in regards to my no dating beliefs and I sulkily said that the guys that make me curious about dating again are often the ones I can't have like Canada boy for example that one was a no brainer he lives a 7 hour plane journey away and Sin well the dude was an ass a recent guy has also like the aforementioned now has zero interest in me i'm baffled by this. But as my best friend and I both concurred we see the guys looking at us and its the ones that arn't that pique our interested, the ones that will never want us back you know what they say the cock is always better on the side of the fence. A revelation that also shocked my fabulous best friend is this... I pointed out that if I want to cwtch(hug in welsh) a guy as well as kiss him and fuck him i'm screwed as I like him as I don't imagine or act on the former with a fuck buddy post shag(in friend mode yes but if we're planning on getting it on then no)
It's like destiny gives me a bitch slap to drive it home that i'm meant to fly solo and not date as the guys that come my way that I contemplatee more from never want more back or anything from me for that matter.

Right now that i've rambled on for ages i'm going to go add some paint to the canvas. Gents this end note is for you if you don't like a chick...tell her striaght up we do you the courtesy of be honest so start showing it back.


  1. "Ultimate turn ons" wow you described me well there! so you saying that men as a whole should not bother. i know for a fact then when men do make the effort and are all the above then its just them that get shat on, so maybe its best that as a whole we don't get attached, we keep our selves distant, and just all have fuck buddies. but like you said wheres the divide, wheres that stop as before you know it your drawn in.
    maybe people should avoid all this and just watch blue movies instead?

  2. Dear mr Anonymous who are you? And why are you hiding and replied with who you are to my status update? I can't explain how I don't get drawn in by everbody and how only a couple of gents have successfully made me feel open tto dating as opposed to just getting it on this year. And in referance to you knowing for a fact that its only guys that get 'shat' on its merely a onesided statement the other half of that fact is women get shit on too. Trust me on that i'm speaking from experience. Maybe we should all just skip the hassel and set up infront of a porno with some lube but lets face it sex is great when we're getting some.