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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The trouble with guys and dolls

I'm wondering if pheromones are the reason for my wrong choices there needs to be some form of explanation as to why I seem to hone in on the most unavailable guys. Our natural secent afterall plays a huge part in attraction. I've learned numerous things this year one of the main things is is this...that I need to stop makinng the same stupid mistakes when it comes to guys and just stick to what I know and do best, those of you that have been in my bed know what that thing is. Truth be told to quote Joan Jett ''I love playing with fire''. Maybe Mr Anonymous is totally right hell maybe i'm right maybe we should all sack sex on the head and resort to porn, lube(you all know i'm a huge fan...genius invention) and our right/left hand. In referance to porn thought i've got to be honest I don't watch it, sure I have a stash of dirty magazines but i'd rather read an erotic novel(not that trash you find in a certain sex shop found on a highstreet near you) no i'm talking about L'histoire O or Kings pawn any of you kinksters reading this have probably read or at least heard of the former no vanilla for this Kinky Cupcake. See I have a pretty good imagination and would rather create the scenario in my head as opossed to watching some fake chick make fake orgasm noises whilst she's getting fucked by an equally as fake looking bloke, that dosn't do it for me in the slightest i'd rather lay back and imagine doing kinky things with a non fake looking honey e.g any of the guys i've hooked up with and Charlie Hunnam(the hottie in SOA and Greenstreet) has made a few appearances.

See i've been thinking alot about my views and what I want in life where I want to be these past few weeks in regards to the man thing. Like right now i'm enjoying having sex with different people you know if i'm not going to settle down I need to make the most of myself including my looks i'm not going to look like this forever right so at when I get older and my looks begin to fade, and I wear my years on my face the fucking will enievitably stop right. So the question is this what the hell is going to happen then? When all my friends are all shacked up and still refusing to contemplate being a cougar what then? Will have to resort in taking a couple of trips to Amsterdam to pay for it? I think paying for sex is ok(in Amsterdam where its legal) but I don't want to hit 40 and have to resort to paying for it. You guys are lucky fuckers, men age better than women. Age looks more attractive on a man look at Nikki Sixx he still smoking hot and the dudes nearly 50, Steven Tyler is another example of older hottie. Ohh well I don't think i'd trade multiple orgasms for looking prettier in my golden years.

In regards to what i'd like to achieve career wise, i've done my nail course and i'm a fully qualified nail technician so that stands me in good stead for my own business when I hit 30, however that being said excuse me for sounding like a 50's housewife but I love baking I find it theraputic and find it equally as so as painting. And for someone who has a rather prominant feminist streak it irritates me that i'm so good(i'm going on the opinions of my tasters) at something thats percieved to be a stereotypical female thing to do. I like it so i'm thinking perhaps about doing a course mainly the decorating aspect of it because i've kind of got the baking thing down I just want to broaden my horizons with making them look pretty. And who knows maybe i'll open up my bakery.

Just a few tidbits for your titillation. I've started painting again(my profile pic on facebook) I forgot how much I enjoyed doing it and how much acrylic paint honks. Also my best friend saw my vagina lol I think since we've known each other when you take in to account the naked bits we've seen of each other we can pretty much say we've seen each other naked ahhhhh BF if only you were a dude lol just to clarify how my BF saw my Vajay jay I had split my pj pants and had to go up and tell her that our friend had come round(i was accessing the damage of the tear when she saw hahahahah)

On that note I have some sulking to do so i'll leave it there.

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