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Monday, 18 April 2011

Orgasmic sunday

Hey lovely people so once again i've been a little lax on writting, but its not because i've been swinging from cock to cock or swinging for that matter lol. Things on the man front have been mellow this past fortnight by my own doing. Sure i've flirted my arse off, but i've not taken anyone home. I did however spend some extra one on one time with my vibrator...hey a girls gotta eat. My last blog was quite possibly the most brutally honest thing i've written. I'm generally not one for exposing my vulnerable side. In some ways it makes me squirm despite it having been a cathartic experience. Due to the way I was feeling about myself I thought the best remedy would be to take some time out, recharge and drag myself out of the funk. Which I did quite nicely jees I do give good advice and for once I actually took my own advice and it worked. I do have some man juice to spill but before I get to it i'll give you an update of a couple of things i've been upto before I get into it.

I have something to tell you all that made my day. A week ago I was checking my emails and I recieved one from from the lovely ladies at More! Magazine saying that they were reading my blog and loving it. How cool is that. I didn't expect to get a response from the email I sent containing the link to my blog so it was awesome to get a positive response back. Valentine and I joke that his dick is famous on facebook due to my blog so I text him saying its now famous outside of facebook haha.

So what have I been upto for the last two weeks if i've not been upto my usual cock orientated antics. It's simple, i've been having ho'mances with my best friend(lucky lady is in Malta) we went to see one of my favourite bands in one of my favourite venues...Fatty Chan(who are chiffing rad by the way check them out on facebook) at Cavern. Now my best friend has a very diverse taste in music and listens to some cool stuff. However she's not a fan of metal...i played her some of Fatty Chans stuff and she liked it:-) mwahahaha I deflowered your metal cherry!
The vocalist has a phenomenal voice, one minute its like gravel on tracks such as ''Pound'' and ''Head full of war'' then smooth as bluesy smoke on tracks such as ''Survive'' and the chorus of ''Monsoon'' The band has so much energy on stage. Thats the markings of a great band great songs, energy and the ability to suck the audience in, captivating them. Positive energy is contageous at a gig the good vibes. See I could never write a review of a gig or album, i'm way too biased to take an objective point of view Fatty Chan rock! That night was great fun.

In my last blog I mentioned I was thinking about having a half sleeve done, but didn't want to reveal what I was having done until i'd had it. A week or so ago I booked in with a friend. I'm super happy with it. I've got the constellation of Orion and the constellation of Virgo done. Its super beautiful. I got Orion done because he's one of the only constellations i've been able to pick out since I was a young'un and i'm ruled by the night thats why I chose to Orion done and as for Virgo she only appears in the sky during the summer and as some of you know I have SAD therefore at my brightest during spring and summer. Its healed nicely and i'm booking in for some colour this week....can't wait

Right to the man goss. First things first, Valentine and I are no longer fucking each other senseless, the door on that chapter has been closed, but despite the fact that we are no longer getting upto all kinds of kinky things we are friends. It also means that my neighbours might start to like me again...we were pretty damn noisey.
I had a bit of fun this weekend with a guy i'll call King Tart see thats not as derogatory as it sounds being that i'm defintely the Queen of tarts is it possible that i've actually met someone that is as promiscuous as I am? Ok ladies this one is a total honey, gorgeous blue eyes, dark hair and a filthy smile that puts dirty thoughts in my head and ok lick him in interesting places;-) I've seen him around a couple of times and we've chatted briefly on facebook (when my apps not having a meltdown). On saturday night we hooked up and after a sticky start namely him and his friend asking me for a threesome (dude thats the kind of naughty you need to be ober for) and the two of them demolishing my housemates homemade pizza. Honestly you can't leave blokes alone for two minutes...delinquents. Once King Tarts mate was in a taxi, and the two of us had slinked off to my room, things got a bit hotter and clothes were quickly being shed *filthiest smile on my face remembering him and an lovely bum too although he won't let me fuck it how unfair is that!*

I really like the first time you hook up with someone new its hot as fuck, we allow the wild in us to come out and play isn't that the way it should be all the time. He found my weak spot about two seconds after kissing neck, kissing, biting now that right there bring out the animal in me. So I think we're well matched inregards to sex I like it a bit rough in fact I make no bones about it. Now either King Tart paid very close attention to that bit in my blog where I say I like having my hair pulled or i'm pretty lucky lol. Now i'm not going to lie here it wasn't all smooth sailing due to a couple of factors but it was still hot. There was a bit of banter which mainly consisted of the two of us calling each other a whole host of epithets from slut bag to my personal favourite and one I like calling blokes 'dirty bitch'. The afternoon was fun despite my being woken up by the worlds most annoying alarm clock and being that I would never dream of touching someone elses phone spent 5 minutes trying to rouse sleeping beauty from his slumber to turn the damn thing off which he was adamant that he had even when it was still going hahaahah god I don't do mornings. A few hours later he made up for it though by making me come...nothing like an orgasm or two to kickstart your day;-) i'm getting the horn just thinking about it. Now as hot as King Tart is he's not au fait with bedroom hook up etiquette. In other words the golden rule of having sex with Kinky cupcake I mentioned earlier to him the faux pas that bugged me so much on the weekend. I'm a straight up kind of chick so it wouldn't have been very me to not have mentioned it, and now I have i'm totally game for being seriously naughty with him again at some point. Its funny he said somthing in particular that struck a chord with me in the respect that i'm pretty much the same...he liikes flying solo in regards to the opposite sex during the week, that he likes his space. And i'm exactly that way too I love my own space hence not wanting a boyfriend, I like sprawling out in my own bed and juust doing my own thing, and chilling with my mates etc. Although I am a huge huge fan of afternoon delight, my sex drive is so high i'd have it every day if I could.

Things i'm loving right now
My Barry M shocking pink lipstick its a bit dry ladies so a slick of Gosh Lip jam over the top=perfect pout
The secret life of bees (the film) the book is one of my favourites so I was dubvious but they stick to the book down to smallest detail
The strawberry cupcakes I baked last week(that were demolished in no time) made with real strawberries, moist and heavenly acording to the housemates
Summer yey, shorts and flip flops!

Things i'm hating so bad
That my radtastic ninja kitty Motley is still missing. Thank you to everyone back home thats been keeping an eye out especially James who's been driving through the village looking. I'm still hoping he'll show up its been over a week now :'(

Thinks that are shit
That I saw a black cat that looked just like mine earlier near the church by my house. And as clever as my little Hell raiser Motley is theres no way he could've made it from Wales to here.

Before I sign off i'd like to say a massive congrats to my best friend James on getting a press pass for High voltage festival. Dude you're going to be a superstar photographer tell Slash I love him <3
Have a radtaastic week lovely people Kinky cupcake xoxox


  1. Everything you write makes me horney for the guys in my life!!! Especially the one Im fucking presently! I love those moments when you look back on the night and get tingles and shivers jus for tha split moment, oo I love it! Please write more! x

  2. I'm so glad that you're enjoying my blog. My friend said that my blog is essentially porn hahah. Lol I agree! i am indeed writing more i should have finished my next post by tomorrow. stay sexy, stay kinky xo