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Monday, 9 May 2011

4 in a bed

Hey lovely people so hows your week been? Mine's been full of laughter with a high note of mischief and mayhem on the weekend but before I dish the goss, I just want to point something out that occured to me whilst turning to a clean page to start drafting this up, all of my blogs in total (thirteen posts) roughly equate to 1/4 of a books worth, can you believe it. Ever since I wrote my first erotic short story for P.S not sweet at 18 i've wanted to write a book. My goal was to be a published author by the age of 21 and whilst I have had a few pieces of poetry published(i signed of on the first proof a week before my 21st birthday) its really not the same thing. So why havn't I written a book? They say everyone has at least one book in them. Honestly I think its because I lack the dicipline and attention spann thats required, the same way I am with guys applies to my creative pursuits...the buzz wheres off and commitment makes me run a mile. I have in all fairness though been sticking with my blog since I started writing it back in feb so maybe thats I sign to give the whole book thing a whirl I do have an idea and its one where I can utilise my blog (the contents of my life) without it becoming an erotica. I'll keep you updated if I decide to go ahead with it...

Right time to get down to my weeks adventures and of course the juicy stuff. Friday was an all rounder of a suck fest and i'm not referring to an orgy of cock sucking...alas it was a shitty day for the House of Naughtyness, I won't go into the whys and what happened and stuff but I will say this; at one point I contemplated taking a swig of my female besties Archers and energy drink concoction. So what do I do when when my friends and I are bummed out...i make ''feel good'' cupcakes. My strawberry delights are becoming a favourite at the house of naughty tasy little treats to boost morale although I recon its more attributed to the Wooooooohooooo! Sugar rush more than anything hahah. There was a general feeling of bummed outness in the air anyway due to my male bestie leaving the following morning:-( he's only been gone for 3days and we miss him terribly.

Now I know since he made his first appearance King Tart has been quite popular(well acccording to the stats which have spiked) but this will be his final appearance in my blog due to him making himself unpopular with me. Despite reading my blog he's obviously not been absorbing any of it and what I mean specifically by that is this, anyone reading my blog should have a vague idea as to what i'm like e.g straight forward with a zero tolerance for games unless of course they're of the kinky variety. He say's he's not looking for commitment and it makes him run a mile...i've said it countless times here and via text that I don't want to date him and that i'm just looking for a regular shag, you know on friends how Joey dosn't share food, well Kinky Cupcake dosn't share like sharing that good you generally want it on a regular basis. So instead of answering my rather blunt question of ''do you want to be my regular shag or not'' which is a simple enough question to answer as oppossed to simply avoiding it/fobbing me off with i'll text you later like King Tart. Jesus men don't half play silly games...i will not crumble if a guy rejects me or says the word no. As there's plenty of drool inducing handsome men out there that like to say yes! Anyway I have wasted enough of this blog wittering on about King Tart.

Now on to the really good stuff. On saturday night I bumped into a guy i'll call Flirty Star. He's seriously gorgeous and whilst I might not give to much away about his physical attributes I will say this, he's got gorgeous eyes, a cheeky smile, strong jaw, a seriously hot body and his accent does it for me. I met Flirty Stars about 8 months ago. We did the facebook and digits swap and have flirted on and off ever since except we never managed to make it to fucksville together. Saturday was his last night in this city what better way to say goodbye than with a fuck;-) I've got to be honest i'd been working in terrential rain all night and looked a soggy mess. Nice to know some guys go for the wet and dishevelled look haha. Before we headed back to mine Flirty stars introduced me to his friend (seriously hot too) and asked me if I knew any hot single girls I could set him up with. At that moment I hoped that my new housemate would not launch something at me if I woke her up. In all fairness if my housemate had a pulled a honey and had arrived home with his hot friend for me i'd be well pleased. Now i'm not entirely sure how this happened but 3became 5 not that I mind as they're all nice chaps actually strapping young lads is a more appropriate turn of phrase ummm actually make that hench. So I gave my new house mate a knock and thankfully she shares the same view point as I do but unfortunately she wasn't feeling very well. When you're feeling rougher than a beavers vag not even the hottest of guys will make you feel better.
Ummmmm what do you do when you have 3 handsome men in your living room?(the 4th gent has a lady and fell asleep on the couch) and theres only one of you? Thats right you contemplate a foursome...well if you're me you do. Theres only one reason that I didn't want to go for it and that is this, theres being a bit slutty and then theres being an out and out ho skanky pants and whilst I fully embrace ''free love'' or the more modern/fitting phrase ''fucking around'' I do not embrace being a whore who wants to be that girl. Given that there were only two sleeping options, the kitchen floor and my room. I had to evict two of Flirty Stars friends from my bed being that I wasn't planning on having sex with Flirty Stars mates watching haha. With them safely out of the room Flirty Stars and I stripped off. He seemed very experienced and knew his way around, clitoris check, G spot check, nice light touch check, great in bed and made me come check check! Flirty Stars was hot as fuck in bed and it reiterated my point that age dosn't make someone good in bed its their experience that does. After a quick cigarette we went to get the boys. I wasn't going to let them sleep on the floor. So some how all of us managed to fit in my bed admittedly we all had to spoon. And naturally I had to take the edge of the bed because I pee alot and secondly because of my claustrophobia. So with Flirty Stars spooning me and the light off we settled down to sleep 5mins later Flirty was giggling and was telling one of the boys to stop tickling him. A few minutes later he pipes up ''stop tickling my bum'' hahaha (and nope it wasn't me doing it haha) unbeknownst to his friends Flirty had his hand between my legs...god its incredibly hard to keep quiet when it feels soooooo goooood I bit down on my lip so hard I thought I was going to draw blood.

I've been chatting to Flirty and his mates (not just the ones that stayed at my house but the others I see on the weekend) for about 8months on the weekends and i'm going to miss them when they leave. Because I know Blonde Irish said to me one night that I boost their morale on the weekend because i'm always so smiley. But truth be told they boost mine too if i'm having a shitty night in work having a quick chat and a giggle with them usually turns my night around. Whether its Blonde Irish, Flirty Stars or Welshy and co.

Also on saturday night me and a guy I think is a honey swapped;-)

Things i'm loving right now
The strawberry cupcakes I made
The thunder and lightening storm we had Friday
Uni-ball signo pens that I use to write my blog yes I know very geeky of me hahah

Things i'm not liking at all
That my male bestie will be in Kos for 6months
That my cat is still missing :'(
That magazines send out mixed messages e.g love yourself for how you are closely followed a few pages after by articles on how to get a flat stomach or the latest diet.
Hope you all have an awesome week.
stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

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