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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cockaholic weekend

Hey lovely people so hows your week been? Mine has been pretty awesome. One of my best friends arrived back in the UK on friday having spent 6(looooong) months away working in the swis alps. It always sucks when he leaves but we all look forward to his return. My luscious male bestie is so much fun to be around, his energy is contagious. So glad you're back darling! I love how the three of us just pick up where we left off as if no time has elapsed what so ever. He's only back for a week before he jets off to do his summer season in Cos. Today the three of us went for coffee. The effects of a long and sleep deprived weekend making us feel like zombies(i'll get to wwhat we got upto in a mo) So with yummylicious drinks in hand we sat outside and successfully mananged to scare on of the local crazies away who sat next to us and overheard our conversation about how bongoo(spunk) is really good for you skin with my little quip about how silky smooth my ass had felt after being ''Iced'' with a load at which point the crazy man got up and moved to the cafe down the road. This week has been full of laughter and the people of the city are (a) probably campaigning to get us slapped with an asbo for being so crude in public hahah and (b) think we are crazy.

Ladies and gents of a weak disposition I advise you to stop reading here because lets put it this way when my gynaecologist opens me up tomorrow and has a peak she's probably going to take one look up there and think, well someone got alot of cock this weekend hahah (just to clarify it was for cervical screening not an STI check i'm team condoms) i've been sore all day. On saturday night I finished early...quite a novel experience being done by 12 so after a quick dash home to freshen up and to ditch my works clothes I went and met up with my besties in one of our favourite clubs nice to know where all the honey's in this city hang out. Its funny that we didn't end up going home with the people we went out with that night (each other) whilst we were laughing about 'North Pole' and 'South Pole' an acquaintance of mine popped over to say hi. I'll call hime Pecks Charming ladies he is a hottie, blue eyes, gorgeous smile and well built. Within minutes of chatting we were making out...its been awhile since i've pulled under normal circumstances e.g Pulling in a club as oppossed to ''Yeah add me on facebook'' then arranging to hook up. Pecks Charming invited me on to another club with my two besties chorusing ''Yeah go to____with him'' whilst frisking my handbag for condoms and shouting ''he's going to see your south pole done in the voice of the gingerbread man from Shrek hahaha. One club, one hour and one piggy back ride later we were back at mine. My female bestie stuck her head out of the window and when I asked he if she had our other bestie in her room and and discovering that she had Loreal boy in there who refused at first to come to the window and say hi on account of his being naked and all my bestie and I both approved of each others hook ups hahah. Theres no two ways about it ladie's Pecks charming is smokin' hot naked, seriously ripped in the guy in the Calvin Klein add kind of way with a face to match and kudos pretty good in bed too. There was only one sticky moment which had to do with the angle of my pelvis and a thrust, I seriously should give guys a heads up about my insides being all the wrong way as the look on their faces when I squealin pain is so bad when that could be avoided by my simply just saying about it.

Honestly i'm not going to lie here i've been a total slutty pants this weekend. On sunday night after I finished work I hooked up with King Tart, I had just enough time to ditch my granny panties(actually cute briefs that don't give me a wedgie when i'm working hahah) and ladies and gents this second hook up went alot more smoothly than the start of the first one, despite his insistance that we watch Streetmate and my wowing at the guy on there with a Mo' which elicited ''i'm not your type at all am I'' response from King Tart. I said exactly what I say in my To fuck or not to fuck blog ''I don't have a type'' sure King Tart and I are polar opposites i'm punky/rockabilly, tattooed and pierced and he's tattoo and piercingless and is trendy looking(great taste in shoes though...converse very nice) see he say's he go's for girls with tattoos and piercings. Does anyone else see where i'm going with this?...Opposites attract.

Ok ladies and gents you know how some people will kiss you but need to do some other stuff to really get your juices flowing? Well when King Tart kisses me its like Niagra falls has taken a little holiday to inside my pants i'm not even joking. Like when we were lead on my bed he was teasing me...which I like...alot. He slipped his fingers inside my g-string his fingers grazing my bush ( my neatly trimmed lawn rather) causing amoan to escape from my lips do you want to know what he said he said i've not even touched you yet. Earth calling King Tart you get me slick as fuck just by kissing me what do you think having your fingers an inch away from my clit is going to do to me lol
By the time we got naked i'd slipped into my goooorgeous heels( leopard print platforms from office j'taime) I like a guy that likes my heels as much as I do. Fuck me he's good in bed in fact the best i've had (don't let that go to your head slut bag I like that you're not a cocky douche) i've never come so much from session before some of the highlights that get me slick and get my heart racing when I think about them
Kissing him then biting his earlobe, him biting my neck and pulling my hair, when he first slides his cock inside me, revelling in the pleasure and getting fucked seven sides of sunday. Sucking his dick and hearing ''don't make me come yet'' which in my opinion translates as ''great head''Being lead on my bed, looking over my shoulder and admiring the hell out of the view in fact it would make one hell of dirty i'm lead on my bed, my legdangling off the bed in my heels, King Tart is behind me holding my g-string out of the way and sliding in to my pussy. I've got to say the contrast of my milky white ass and his golden torso was pretty fucking stunning. However my favourite memory of that night was when we were fucking up against my bedroom door so hard (and loud) I pulled my poster of the door when I came. Then being up against the wall whilst he he finger fucked me and having to hold onto him after I came as if I hadn't i'd have ended up on the floor as my legs had turned to mush. Turns out I can't walk well in heels after a few orgasms haha.

The second hook up with King Tart, not only was it even hotter than the first time but I actually think he's quite sweet even if he is a total dick :-P lol for teasing me about sleeping with the light on. I told my besties about the convo that ensued after his asking me to turn the light off and they were pissing themselves especially at the biit where i'd told him that he could go sleep on the couch if he didn't stop teasing me about it or like it for that matter hahah And when I pointed out that ''i'm not scared of the dark, just of my room in the dark there is a difference hahah. Ummm I get defensive when i'm embarrassed who knew lol. I like it when he metaphorically ''pulls my pigtails'' and non metaphorically for that matter haha.

Honestly whilst I enjoyed both experiences with Pecks Charming and King Tart over the weekend. I'm feeling a bit slutty and not in the good way King Tarts comment about how i'd only had another guys dick in me a few hours before and calling me a whore no less is eating at me a bit. As I don't do one night stands usually(pulling Pecks Charming on saturday night) In all honesty i'd rather just be fucking King Tart. Is it possible that I Kinky Cupcake is perhaps a bit sweet on a guy that is as big a slut bag/player as she is? The answer to that folks is rather annoyingly yes. Now the only reason I say annoyingly there is because when I text King Tart saying that instead of fucking other blokes that i'd much rather just be fucking him the inevitable happend, I didn't get the response that I wanted in fact I didn't get a response at all i'm less irrated by his not responding the context of the text and more so that a lack of reply is just bad manners. Ladie's and gents don't misconstrue this as my wanting to date King Tart for starters given the two factors of my work pattern and that I like my own space during the week it would be impossible. I was merely saying he innstead of me spreading my legs for other guys and instead of you putting your dick in other girls how about we just fuck each other and maybe sticking around for breakfast and hanging out on sunday for a bit. Ahhh well.

Things i'm loving
Hanging out with my besties I love you both ''hey you wanna see my south pole'' hahaha
The Gingerbread body wash by the Pink Cow it smells yummy, is paraben free and not tested on animals, (they sell their range in Boots, Vanilla biscuit and Coconut cream are really scrumptious smelling too.
Yeo honey greek style yogurt good for you and your face( not sure if its as good as a ''facial from your man'' on the skin but it sure smells alot better)
The Truth about Melody Browne by Lisa Jewel its not chick lit it's beautifully written and ladies do not read at the time of your month as it'll have you crying your eyes out(speaking from experience)
Being a chick we get to play with make up...good times

Things i'm hating right now
That my cat still has not returned uncle thinks something has had him :'(
That my male bestie is leaving again on friday:'( for 6 months to work in cos

On that note lovely people i'm going to leave it there I hope you all have an awesome week stay kinky
Kinky Cupcake XOXO

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