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Monday, 22 August 2011

No rest for the wicked*deviant*

Hey lovely people, how's your week been? This is just a quick update and to say I will be posting properly soon. I've had a mental busy couple of weeks and the next two are looking to be the same. I've been working crazy hard and have barely had time to eat or sleep. And don't get me started on the lack of cock or rather the time to hook up and fuck. After the kinky fuckfest I wrote about in my last blog naturally Handsome Statham was my first choice, but he quickly lost his appeal on account of the fact we seemed to be doing more talking and the 'when are you free' texting as opposed to the actual fucking. Also he was starting to piss me off by referring to my blog as his ''review" which of course is not what my blog is, I don't review the guys I sleep with that's just shallow, and any guy who feels the need to show his other fuck buddie's my blog to prove how "good" they are has serious self esteem issues, and is a bit of a dick to tell me.about it....thanks really didn't want to know that. So aside from working my ass off this past week and wanking an insane amount to compensate the lack of dick what else have I been doing? Well i've been very stressed for numerous reasons, straight jacket and padded room for one please. I have been watching a fair amount of porn for work, and discovered that (a) I still don't get off on vanilla porn and that (b) that The Vault got me dribbling down below...that's right folks I can only get off on kinky porn. I made a few other interesting discoverer's this week, the first came after I was pissed off about not getting cock when id like it and my feeling outrage towards.our government for not.being as open minded as the dutch when it prostitution, whilst doing some research i.did fond out that prostitution is legal here, there's just a few bylaws that make it difficult and illegal to pay for sex, such as curb crawling, pimping, pandering to name a few. I would just like to point out that I have not done any of the above. I also discovered that collapsing in work is beyond embarrassing, I swear every time i've done it I burst into tears...reckon its due to shock. But before anyone panics I did go to the doctors last week and also had a blood test today to see if there's something dodgy going on e.g over active thyroid, or my old nemesis anemia. Any way ladies and gents if I survive my next two mental working weeks my next post should suffice to say be some what more riveting. Hope you all have a lovely week Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

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