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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Afternoon delight

Hey lovely people sorry i've been off the radar for awhile, its not that i've been boring and not getting up to my usual naughtyness I have however been spending far too much time thinking about and coming over someone I shouldn't, Its like a bad case of King Tart deja vous in other words a total pain in the ass that's now made things a bit awkward and made me wish more than ever that I didnt haave such a desire for playing with fire and suffice to say i'm thoroughly regretting the whole situation. I did how ever have some fun with a guy i've yet to write about here who I'll call The Luck it was most awesome. The reason I'm once again scribbling here is because i've just had like the title implies some Afternoon delight. Incidentally as you lovely lot I will not be using his real name I never do so ill call him afternoon delight for obvious reasons. I met him a couple of weeks ago and christ he is incredibly handsome, tall, dark haired and blue eyed and he's got the most gorgeous mouth. Given the two of our schedules its been a bit of a buggar to pin each other down so to speak, but finally the two of us had a spare window. So this afternoon ladies and gents I spent awhile making myself look pretty and that includes slipping into my favourite set from La Senza and headed out to met Afternoon Delight admittedly I did show up a little late but I blame my new heels(yep went all out for this guy lol) I must confess something right now I remember him being handsome but I forgot quite how insanely hot he was. Needless to say we were only at the coffee house for all of half an hour before heading off for a meander which ended up being to my work so I could pick up xmas pressie's so i've got to give it to the guy he handled that quite nicely and didn't so much as bat an eyelid. Not even when I bought some new lube haha glad he's not a prude that would have been awfully disappointing. So with a bag full sex toys that aren't me we headed back to mine for coffee. In all fairness I had every intention of behaving myself which is a task and a half at the best of times. About a minute we're in my room and we're making out on the bed then we decided to watch a film.
Needless to say we didn't get very far, even though despite my mounting horniness and my repeatedly telling him that he was being naughty and that I was tired(sodding got woken up again) and that he wasn't going to get me at my best...i believe if something is worth doing it's worth doing well and I don't mean in the respect of length of time if ism being honest I prefer a quicky but with loads of foreplay (if its kinky the more the better) because ism so tight down there I get sore very quickly so after he we'd been kissing and stroking and biting for awhile I eventually succumbed to my animal urges after all that's what we are we are designed to fuck it. I couldn't wait to see him naked I had a feeling that his body was going to match his face in other words I figured he's be smoking hot all over and after stroking his thighs(muscular as fuck by the by laddie's and gents) I was rather looking forward to getting naked. After he'd been rubbing my clit nice and lightly just the way I like it through it my undies and made me come close to orgasmic heaven, I told him to get naked, standing right in front of him I stripped my clothes off, then watched as he got naked my first thoughts were christ then when he was down to his shorts I waited for him to whip them off...I'm not joking when I say that I said holy fuck, don't get me wrong i've seen some pretty big cocks but I swear I didn't think he was going to fit in fact I was regretting my decision not to buy Trojan condoms from work in fact I honestly asked him when it looked like he was struggling with the normal size condom whether it was actually going to fit. I underestimate the elasticity of latex So when he was all in. I pushed him back onto the bed and tried to quell the annoying feeling of he's not going to fit in me. But thanks to how soaking wet my pussy is I managed to slide on perfectly...i like big cocks well in regards to girth I do I swear I was riding him in between hungry kisses and biting his neck for about 10 minutes before my orgasm almost sent me into orbit. The thing I really like about being on top is that I like to watch a guys cock sliding in and out of so naughty. Awhile later whilst I was riding him Afternoon delight came. It was very hot! And as he's revealed himself to be kinky h'm looking forward to a repeat performance on Sunday. Things ism loving right now My new Rock&Candy heels Big fat cocks Belladonna Sons of Anarchy season 3 hells yeah Things ism hating right now That I always want what I can't/shouldn't have Cybersexting /sexting with someone who I can't actually do the things we talk about with My incessant desire to play with fire it predictable made things change. And on that note lovely people i leave it there Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

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