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Sunday, 13 November 2011

kiss me,fucck me, like me, hate me bitch slap me

Hey lovely ladies and gents, I am somewhat of an agony aunt and my friends would say that I give excellent advice but that I'm pretty shit at taking my own. However that being said this time I'm asking you lovely lot what you think of this situation as I am truly confused answers either here in the comments box or on Facebook. So here's the skinny, a gent that has appeared in a few of my blogs has reared his head again. Basically after the fucking stopped and shit got sour I won't go into details here, but every time i've seen him since i've either point blank ignored him or referred to him as ''the prick'' until the Saturday of Halloween when I dressed up as the nurse from kill bill wearing a rather expensive PVC nurses dress(by Allure) and bumped into him, and the look that he was wearing on his face when he spotted me was the exact look he wore when he saw me naked for the first time and the times afterwards. So I thigh fuck it, forgive and forget and after I pointed out that I hadn't seen him in awhile he merely said that he'd been out but didn't come and say and hi because he thought I hated him...i did correct him and pointed out that he'd pissed me off greatly but I didn't hate him. So excellent I thought we we're on speaking terms we're being friendly. Basically people since then i've text him on two occasions one being about an issue we have in the house(we required his professional services) he's not replied to either but when I saw him last night he was all nicey nice...his behaviour is baffling does anyone have any idea what his game might be I will also add here that aside from his friend calling me hot that very same friend also shouted over to the two of us ''so are the two of you gonna fuck''. He did speak to my housemate on the phone about our problem in the house and he's popping round at some point this week after he finishes work to check it out, i've already given him the heads up that I'll be out wednesday night right through to saturday as I suspect he'd rather not see me, it's like he moans when he's drunk about me hating him yet when he's sober its like he doesn't give a shit. Miss Banana thinks I still like him even though i've refused to admit that I actually liked him in the first place. Hellllp! So confused. Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

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